Jinan Rongtai Advertising Equipment

& Accessory Co.,Ltd

Tel: +86 531 85957676 /81816322

Jinan Rongtai Advertising Equipment & Accessory
Co.,Ltd, which founded in 2000, manufacture and
sell advertising products only,locates in Spring
city--Jinan City, seats besides Beiyuan Overpass
Brigde, the transportation condition is very good.
Our products include:different kinds of display
screens, X Banner stand, Roll up stands,
Poster holders, Promotion tables, Lonas stands,
Bamboo-made products,Reception products etc.
Which are regularly used for products show
,meeting show, business plan promotion,
cars show etc, which used in Medical institutions,
Education institutions, Shopping malls, CBD and
other public places.
Our clients cover over 20 provinces in China, and
earned a lot of good greeting from our oversea
Good quality, reputation and after sales services ,
help us to face better tomorrow!


 Our declaration: focus the quality of our products only!
our promise: better quality at the same price level,
 lower price at the same quality condition!
Our values: long life for the products and the
 connections between us and the clients!
For clients: we are concerned with what you
 concern seriously!
Our design: only desigh products which actually
 will be used in the world!
Our quality: just like our reputations, our honors!
Our job: the day of things happen need to be finished !
What is Rongtai:
we care about our products, our designs, our clients,
 the responds from our clients seriously for over one 

which are also our only jobs in the future.
we prefer actions to talking in daily life.
Our belief:
The trouble will be solved by the team, the group,
 never by the lone one!


Jinan Rongtai Advertising Equipment & Accessory Co.,Ltd
Tel: +86 531 85957676 /81816322
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        Jinan City of Shandong, China